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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Platforms & Solutions & Services

With RPM tablet platforms, data-driven dashboards, analytical tools and a new, convenient mobile health app, Clear Arch Health continually delivers best-in-class RPM technology, flexible solutions and turnkey services that meet the changing needs of healthcare.

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Clear Arch Health offers the latest advancements in remote health monitoring technology and mobile, personal emergency response solutions that empower the transformation of healthcare.

Our clinical dashboard is robust and provides actionable insights for care teams. Our advanced monitoring solutions (with Bluetooth peripheral compatibility) feature an optional personal emergency response system (PERS). Patients feel connected with care providers who are enabled to improve clinical outcomes, enhance the patient experience, deliver cost-effective care and reduce hospital readmissions.

Our remote patient monitoring solutions additionally include:


Clear Arch Health

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Clear Arch Touch RPM Tablet  

An interactive and engaging solution with optional PERS integration, Clear  Arch Touch is intuitive and user-friendly. Patients embrace the attractive portability and are encouraged to comply with treatment through reminders, two-way communications, video and text.

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Clear Arch Classic

This traditionally styled PERS base-station hub is enhanced with RPM capabilities for maximum functionality. Patients benefit from remaining connected with care providers through a streamlined user interface, while care teams receive updates on patient vitals and health status alerts.

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LifeStream™ RPM Dashboard and Analytical Reporting Tool

Part of our comprehensive LifeStream Clinical Software Suite, these RPM tools deliver integrated patient health data, assessments, trend tracking, analysis and more. With additional options to help care organizations securely manage resources, reports, electronic health records and determine ROI, LifeStream gives clinical teams the power to deliver smarter care.

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Clear Arch BYOD Mobile App 

Designed for ease of use and convenience, our “bring your own device” mobile app allows patients to capture and transmit vital signs readings to their care teams and to the LifeStream dashboard -- as scheduled, or at will – for prompt assessment and intervention, if needed.

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