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Clear Arch Health provides the virtual care program tools, industry expertise and end-to-end support services that enable physicians, hospitals, health systems, care agencies, and health plan organizations to effectively manage patients outside clinical settings with quality care -- when and where it’s needed.

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As the adoption of telehealth and remote patient monitoring services steadily increases, care providers are challenged to secure the most comprehensive, effective, adaptive and innovative remote care options for their patients and healthcare consumers.

Clear Arch Health offers a Clear Solution 
Our easy-to-adopt, turnkey remote patient monitoring (RPM) and personal emergency response system (PERS) solutions are flexible and customizable to meet unique organizational needs. Clear Arch Health additionally ensures program success through outstanding customer support, ongoing training and consultation, shipping, fulfillment and complete logistics management.

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Clear Arch Health

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Hospitals & Health Systems

We help hospitals and healthcare systems deliver responsive patient care and maximize workflow and staffing resources with sustainable solutions that enhance care for patient populations beyond the confines of hospital walls.

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Physician Groups & Medical Practices

With our scalable suite of connected care solutions physicians, nurses, and other care coordinators can check in on their patients, assess vital signs, track changes in health status, consult with teams and adjust patient treatment -- conveniently and as needed.

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Payers/Payors and Payviders

With no capital expenditure required, and options for private pay, Clear Arch Health delivers flexible, data-driven and competitively priced remote care and life safety solutions that help payers/payors and health plan providers increase member compliance, reduce claims costs and satisfy participants’ needs. Enabling the prompt identification of health problems through consistent and reliable patient monitoring is just one of the many ways we help our customers and partners serve their patients better.

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Home Health/Home Care Agencies & Senior Living Facilities

Clear Arch Health helps in-home care provider, home health agencies and assisted living facilities deliver timely, safer, and quality care directly to seniors and others living with chronic health conditions. Our service options include health education, fall prevention, fall detection, daily monitoring, two-way video conferencing, personal emergency response systems and health alerts.

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